Poreč’s Historical Heritage


Poreč’s richness is measured by its historical heritage, deeply rooted in this area for thousands of years. The priceless city centre, located on a small peninsula submerged in the sea. Its foundations were put in place during the time of the rule of the Roman Empire. From then until now the symmetrical geometric layout of the streets has been preserved, the along the length of Decumanus and transverse Cardo Street.

The priceless Euphrasian Basilica, was built in the 6th century and its value has been recognised by UNESCO, the protector of the world’s heritage who in 1997 took this location under its wing. Within the sometime Poreč city walls, near the oldest square, Marafor, the fragments of ancient temples are thoughtfully cared for.

The rich treasury of old-city monuments belongs to the Romanic House dating from the 13th century, the House of Two Saints dating from the 15th century and the baroque interior of the Istrian Parliament. As it grew outside the city walls, medieval churches sprung up in the city and the church Lady of Angels, built in the 18th century, rises on Trg Slobode (Freedom Square).